Health & Safety

IOSH Managing Safely


The aim of this IOSH Managing Safely course is to provide the required knowledge and skills for holders of this qualification to apply back in their workplace.

It is aimed at persons who are responsible for the safety of others in the workplace and or whom have a duty to identify, asses and control hazards.

The course is relevant to all industries and provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that can be applied to almost any workplace setting.

The IOSH Managing Safely course is split into seven modules:

  1. An introduction to managing safely
  2. Assessing risks
  3. Controlling risks
  4. Understanding your responsibilities
  5. Understanding common hazards
  6. Investigating incidents
  7. Measuring performance


After completing the modules you will understand more about:

  • The reasons for managing safely
  • How to conduct a risk assessment
  • How to control risks effectively
  • The main responsibilities of managers and supervisors
  • How health and safety law works
  • The key parts of a health and safety management system
  • Common hazards encountered in the workplace, including:
    • Access and egress, Aggression and violence, Asbestos, Bullying, Chemicals and hazardous substances, Computer workstations, Confined spaces, Drugs and alcohol, Electricity, Fire, Heights, Housekeeping, Lighting, Manual handling, Noise, Plant and machinery, Radiation, Slips and trips, Stress, Temperature, Vehicles and transport, Vibration
  • How to report and investigate incidents
  • How to measure health and safety performance both proactively and reactively



Throughout the course candidates will be expected to participate in a number of exercises.

The exercises include:

  • Creating a work task list
  • Conducting a risk assessment
  • Developing a strong safety culture
  • Delivering a toolbox talk
  • Making an incident report and conducting an investigation

Mock Exams

There are two mock exams during the course which do not go towards the final marks but do give candidates a good opportunity to get a feel for the types and style of questions they can expect on the final theory assessment.

The Final Assessment is split into two parts.

Part One – Multiple choice / Written Exam

On the final day of the course all candidates will need to complete the IOSH Managing Safely Exam. The IOSH Managing Safely Exam demonstrates the candidates understanding of the information contained within the course modules. The exam consists of multiple choice questions and must be completed within 45 minutes. Candidates will need to achieve at least 36 points from a possible 60 to pass the exam.

Part Two – Project

The IOSH Managing Safely Project tests and demonstrates the candidate’s ability to conduct a risk assessment. The assessment should be conducted at the workplace, or anywhere with which the candidate is familiar. Once the project is completed it must be returned to the course tutor via email or post within the allocated 14 days in order to be marked.

The project will be explained to you after the written exam and what exactly is required. You will then receive both a hard copy and electronic copy of the project.

Candidates need to achieve at least 23 points from a possible 38 points to pass the project.


On successful completion of the course the candidate will be issued with an accredited IOSH Managing Safely certificate valid for 3 years.