First Aid for Mental Health Awareness Training Course

Level 1


First Aid for Mental Health Awareness Course - Level 1

1-4 people will suffer from a mental health problem at some point in their lifetime.

This half-day First Aid for Mental Health Awareness Course gives learners an insight to what mental health is, and is designed to increase awareness around mental health conditions and the stigma attached to these along with the knowledge to start a conversation with someone.

A range of First Aid for Mental Health-related subjects are covered in this half day training course, including:


  • What is First Aid for Mental Health?
  • Identifying mental health conditions;
  • Providing advice and starting a conversation;
  • Stress;
  • Mental health conditions.

We use a range of methods, including practical and questioning – open and multiple-choice question papers.

A maximum of 16 students is allowed on the course – subject to the size of the room the trainer may reduce numbers. Please check beforehand.

On successful completion, learners will receive a Level 1 certificate in First Aid for Mental Health Awareness, valid for three years.

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