Customer Service

1/2 Day Service Across Cultures Programme

We are pleased to be a Worldhost centre and able to offer the ever popular recently updated Principles of Customer Service course.
All attendees will receive the following within the course cost.
Excellent tuition, course manual and a certificate of competence on successful completion.

Course Overview

We will give your staff tips and techniques that will help them overcome language barriers and cultural differences, so they can provide a great service for every single one of your customers.
Who should take this course?
This course is ideal for any member of staff that has day-to-day interaction with customers – whether they’re an assistant, supervisor, department head or director.
It’s also relevant to staff in non-customer-facing roles; especially in businesses that employ people from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds. Businesses who have used this programme have reported better communication, understanding and working relationships within their own teams.
What the course covers:
The importance of overseas custom to your business
Understanding your own cultural perceptions
How to avoid making assumptions about other cultures
Common myths about some of the UK’s biggest overseas markets
Communicating through language barriers
How to become a ‘people to people ambassador’

Individual Cost: £95.00